Returns and Refunds

5.1 Pursuant to Art. 52 of the Italian Consumers’ Code, the Customer can terminate the Terms of use and therefore the purchase agreement for any reason (and anyhow without needing to specify the reasons) and without any penalty, within 14 (fourteen) days of the date of reception of products.

5.2 In order to exercise the right of withdrawal referred to in article 5.1 above, the Customer shall send to Laudadio a notification in that behalf, within the terms specified, at the following email address

or rather use the appropriate published in the Website. In case of withdrawal the Customer shall return the products to the address contained from time to time in the confirmation e-mail.

5.3 The goods shall be returned intact, complete of all their parts and in the original packings (envelopes and packages), stored and possibly used for the absolutely necessary time to set and verify nature, characteristics and size, according to the due diligence, without signs of wear or dirty, in compliance with the conditions specified below:

the right of withdrawal will be applied to the product purchased in its entirety; indeed, it is not possible to exercise the withdrawal only for part of the product purchased (by way of an example: closures, laces, clasps, etc.);

the product shall be intact and returned in its original package, complete in all its parts (including packing and possible documentation and accessory equipment: labels, tags, seals, etc.). Laudadio invites to try the products without removing tags and related seal because, as above specified, the presence of both of them in the product returned represents one of the essential requirement in order that the right of withdrawal can be legitimately exercised;

the shipment, until the reception occurred in the warehouse specified by Laudadio, is under total responsibility of the Customer;

4. in case of damage of the asset during transport, Laudadio will inform the Customer, to allow him/her to carry out suitable objection against the courier chosen by him/her and obtain a reimbursement; then the product will be available for the Customer, by annulling concurrently the request of withdrawal;

Laudadio will not be held liable in any way for damage, theft, loss occurred during or anyway under shipment for return.

Laudadio will refund the Customer with the whole amount paid net of possible additional shipping costs pursuant to Art. 56, paragraph 2 of the Italian Consumers’ Code, within 14 (fourteen) days of withdrawal, through procedure of cancelled payment of the amount charged, by using the same payment method used by the Customer for the initial transaction, unless otherwise agreed. Laudadio may suspend the reimbursement until reception of the product returned or rather until the moment when the Customer demonstrates to have correctly sent the product, whether previous. Resta inteso che le spese di spedizione per il reso saranno a carico del Cliente e indicativamente ammonteranno a Euro 15,00 a prodotto per la restituzione di capi dall’Italia e Euro 35,00 a prodotto per la restituzione di capi dall’Europa (esclusa Italia). Nel caso in cui si dovesse restituire il prodotto da fuori dall ‘Europa il costo sarà calcolato e comunicato ai clienti. Any variation shall be notified to the Customers.

Anyhow, the Customer will lose his/her right of withdrawal in case Laudadio ascertains that:

the product returned and/or its accessories, and/or its package are not intact;

the product has not its external package and/or original internal packing;

the product has not elements integrating it and/or accessories (by way of an example: closures, laces, clasps, etc.);

In case of expiry of the term for exercising the right of withdrawal, Laudadio will return the product purchased to the Customer, by charging to him/her the shipping costs and, whether already refunded, the price of the product.

5.5 Pursuant to Art. 59 lett. (c) of the Italian Consumers’ Code, the withdrawal right shall not be applied to the sale of goods made to measure or clearly personalized as indicated in the respective card published on the Website.

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